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This is a non commercial site ran by APRS enthusiasts in OD5 land.

If you are a licensed ham, just starting up in APRS or an APRS user and want to know more about APRS, this is the site you want to be in. 

We have used this technology successully in events as diverse as the Asian Games in Qatar, the Canadian cup in Ottawa and of course our local APRS network in Lebanon.

So, what is APRS ?

APRS is an OPEN SOURCE GPS/Weather/Short Message protocol that has been developed for use on AX.25 networks. It is equally as applicable to almost any other network imagineable.

In plain english, it is a packet system sent over 2m FM, but instead of sending just messages you can send : Live GPS Positions, Weather information, DX clusters etc...
Watch what we are doing and where we are by clicking on the LIVE APRS TRACKING

In a ham spirit ruled community we beleive that the more we are, the Merrier.
So if you want to join, all you need if one of the following:

Tracker: Is a small modem that you implement in a car, bike, boat that transmits your position to Digipeaters
If you want to implement an APRS system in your vehicule, we will be pleased to offer all the assistance we can.

Digipeater: Is a Digital Repeater that replays the APRS information that it recieves. If you have a QTH vith a sweet spot and want to run your own digipeater to offer APRS coverage in your area, we will be more than happy to help you program it and install it.

Igate: Is a gateway between the VHF 2m, the HF, and the internet APRS network.

In Lebanon and surrounding countries it started to flourish in the end of 2006.
Today, beside the Digipeaters, we already have one iGATE and one weather station sending info to NOAA for integration into the world wide weather reports. Click here to check the updated od5 aprs history page.

                    LEBANON APRS GLOSSARY 

                            APRS SYMBOLS 

                            The q Construct  (added for my dear friend OD5SX)

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To contact us : please send an email to

OD5RW@amsat.org   or